Hello and welcome to my food recipe blog, Smack of Flavor.

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My name is Samantha and I live and work just outside of Boston, MA. I’m a 30 year old chemist who lives with my boyfriend and  our rescued husky mix, Phoenix.  

I want to keep this short and sweet! This blog will be mostly recipes without fluff. No long winded stories or 5 pictures of the same thing with different angles.  If I’ve added a few paragraph before a recipe, I promise it is relevant to the process. I want to try to explain techniques or ingredients so that each recipe is more approachable. I encourage you to ask questions and make substitutions if you don’t like an ingredient or it is hard to find.

My intentions is to make this website mostly about recipes with blog posts separate.  I know I hate when I search for a recipe on a website and it takes 5 minutes to find a recipe. (I’ve included a “JUMP TO RECIPE” button to every recipe!) I want to avoid this as much as possible and make it easy to pull the recipes up on your phone, tablet or computer.

The recipes I post have all been tested multiple times by me to ensure that I have a firm grasp on them. I often make things from scratch because  typically they taste way better. However, if I know of a “ready made” option, I’ll be sure to add it in the recipe notes. My goal ultimately is to  inspire people to cook more at home. 

I have a fairly well stocked kitchen, but it is a small apartment kitchen so I can’t have THAT many things. I don’t have a stand mixer but do have a hand mixer. I don’t have a blender or a large food processor either because we have no space and I make due without them. But I do have most basic kitchen things and I try to have multi-purpose instruments. The only thing I’ll fight you on is my apple peeler. It makes things so much easier for making 6 apple crisps like I accidentally did once…

Feel free to reach out for any questions about current recipes or posts or even just to talk about food.

Please comment, reach out and share these recipes! It makes me happy to see people make my recipes and to talk to people about food.

Share the Flavor!



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