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5 Essential Series

Are you a beginner cook? Don’t know where to start in the kitchen once you move to your first apartment? I’ve listed my favorite pantry items, my favorite must have multitasking kitchen items and other kitchen essentials. All of the posts feature 5 of my favorite items in that category plus links to recipes that use those items. All items of the list have multiple uses and will get your kitchen up in no time!

5 Staples to Keep in the Freezer

Freezer essentials can save you from order take-out or running to the store again after work tonight. When you have a well stocked freezer you always have the ingredients on hand to whip up a quick and easy meal. These are my top five freezer must haves that you can always find in my freezer.

5 Items Always in My Pantry

It should come as no surprise that I have a pretty extensive pantry. It can change like the wind but I always make sure I have these 5 ingredients in there.